How To Achieve Your Financial Goals Faster

July 6, 2023 By 0 Comments

It’s the middle of the year, how are you doing on your financial goals? On this week’s episode, we will give a few tips to achieve your financial goals faster. Check out the full episode and if you have questions about how to get started with Homeowner Prep, be sure to reach out to us or drop your question in the comments.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How to get your financial house in order
  • How to find down payment assistance
  • How to save money faster
  • And much more!

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02:29 What Programs Can Help You?
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“It’s very easy to get off track and by the middle of the year you can find yourself not operating within your budget”

Eric Hellon

Full Episode Transcript:

The 4th of July just passed, so that means we’re already halfway through 2023. So my question to you is, how are you doing on your financial goals? On today’s episode, we’re gonna talk about how to achieve your financial goals faster.

Welcome to The Homeowner Prep Podcast, where every week we educate and encourage aspiring homeowners to help them buy their first home faster. If you aspire to own a home, you’re in the right place, so enjoy. Do us a favor and leave a review, a rating, and be sure to subscribe. Now, let’s get to this week’s episode

Hello and welcome to another episode of the Homeowner Prep Podcast. I’m your host Eric Hellon, and on today’s episode we’re gonna talk about how to achieve your financial goals faster. It’s already the middle of 2023, and we wanna make sure that you are on track to achieving all that you wish to accomplish this year.

One of the biggest goals that people set for themselves at the beginning of the year is to just get their financial house in order and to start that process, you really have to know what money is coming in and what money’s going out, and the way to do that is to revisit your budget. How’s your budget looking?

Are you sticking to a budget? Are you looking at it every single month? And are you on track with saving money and paying down debt like you thought you would be? Those are questions that you have to ask yourself. It’s very easy to get off track and by the middle of the year you can find yourself not operating within your budget and not really knowing where your money is going. So our first tip is definitely just to revise the budget. Take another look at it, see and make sure that your money is going where you want it to go.

The second tip that we have is to actually save money faster. Saving money will help you achieve your financial goals so much faster. So if you’re looking at where you’re at by the middle of the year, how much have you saved so far?

If you’re trying to buy a house, you know that you need to be saving money for a down payment and for closing costs. So where are you in that total amount that you need? Do you even know how much you need? So you need to look at how much you saved and decide to save more every single month. I know it can be hard because costs have gone up, groceries have gone up, the standard things that we pay for on a day-to-day basis are more expensive now than they may have been at the beginning of the year. So now’s a good time to really dedicate yourself to saving the money that you need for your down payment and your closing costs.

Once you’ve looked at your budget and you decide to make any revisions that are necessary, and you start to be rededicated to saving money at a faster pace, the next thing that you need to do is see what programs are out there that can actually help you achieve your goals sooner.

If you’re going through some debt issues, maybe there’s a program out there that’ll help you accelerate your debt payoff. If you are trying to buy a home and you’re having a hard time coming up with the down payment and closing costs, find out what down payment assistance programs are out there that you qualify for that can help you buy your first home faster.

There’s thousands of programs all across the country, and I’m sure there’s one out there that fits your specific need. A great resource to look at for down payment assistance is a resource called I’ll put a link in the description of this podcast episode, but you should check it out because you can actually input your information online and find out exactly the down payment assistance programs that you’re qualified for.

This can definitely speed up the process in you buying your first home. You may be trying to save 5%, 10%, or even the 3.5% and having a hard enough time, but if you can qualify for a down payment assistance program that’ll pay for that down payment and pay for your closing costs, then you can get into your first home so much faster and achieve those financial goals for the year.

If you need any help and analyzing your budget, dedicating yourself or rededicating yourself to your savings or even if you need help finding a down payment assistance program that’s right for you, feel free to reach out to us at Homeowner Prep.

You can actually get started with us by texting the word START to 619-848-3700. By texting us, we can actually set up a free initial consultation and get you going on buying your first home. You can also visit us on our website at and take an online assessment to see just how close you are.

If you have any questions about your unique situation or circumstance, definitely don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can visit us on our website, like we said, but you can also get ahold of us through social media channels. We tend to get the majority of our questions on our Instagram account @HomeownerPrep.

I hope you got some good value and some good tips on how to make sure that you achieve your financial goals faster in 2023. If you have any questions, definitely don’t hesitate to reach out to us. I look forward to providing you with more great content on the next episode, and until then, be blessed.

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